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Graphic Design Professor FrameWe live in a visual society. Every day, consumers are bombarded with logos, interactive websites, full-page newspaper ads, glossy magazine headlines, animated Internet pop-ups, mail-order catalogs, and more. With such an overload of visual communication, it is essential that graphic designers understand the potential their work holds to influence society—and the necessity of developing fresh, creative approaches in order to achieve that influence through Christ-honoring visual solutions. The role of contemporary graphic designers involves much more than using a computer to invent works of art. Indeed, many graphic designers now put their artistic abilities to work designing creative solutions to effectively communicate to particular audiences, often on a mass scale. In order to succeed in this booming industry, you must hone your artistic inspirations and communication skills to develop a competitive and intuitive edge—something you will learn to do well here in Cedarville University's graphic design program.

The graphic design program is an artistic and academic learning community that equips Christian designers to pursue a God-honoring life by creatively expressing, evaluating, developing, and communicating visual design. At the core of our program, we develop strong, fundamental skills through traditional courses in drawing, two- and three-dimensional design, and art history. You will learn to apply these skills in combination with technical computer skills to create relevant, effective, compelling, and engaging visual communication. Our student-focused faculty will stretch your creative thinking, unlock your potential, and inspire you to live a creative life.