Graphic Design
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Graphic Design Professor Sternsher

Graphic design, our department's largest major, is known for excellent internship opportunities and strong job placement results. Outstanding professors who have successful careers as graphic designers provide a depth of course work that prepares students for a career in visual communication. Students work in state-of-the-art Mac labs with industry-standard software. 

A program like ours, rooted in the liberal arts and in biblical study, prepares you to serve Christ through leadership, management, and with strengths connecting with broad or varied audiences and builds skills that prepare you to cope with the rapid technological and communication innovations within the field. While our general education curriculum is essential to broad-thinking and becoming a well-rounded, educated professional, the graphic design program intentionally builds in opportunities for you to pursue related course work through minors — whether pursuing creative photography, studio art, or creative web design within the department or relevant minors across campus, such as business management, psychology, motion graphics, or marketing. Courses from some of these disciplines are even integrated into the major core or as major electives. Many majors graduate with multiple minors (including the Bible minor). But to truly prepare you to compete with relevant, contemporary technical, compositional, and strategic skills to excel in the field, our program emphasizes depth within design discipline-specific course work through the number of graphic- and interactive-specific course offerings. 

Combined, the course work in the graphic design program fosters your ability to critically evaluate and solve new problems using strong critical-thinking skills and compelling visuals. This combination of emphasizing both breadth and depth prepares you with relevant skills leading to immediate success in the industry, critical thinking skills and effective visual problem-solving to lead the next generation of innovation in our rapidly changing field, and the ability to apply principles of effective visual communication to impact positive change in our culture for the glory and mission of Christ.