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Jan 28 2016
Cyrano the Perfect Choice for Valentines Weekend
Almost everyone has heard of the Italian fable character Pinochio, but most do not know of Cyrano, a French warrior with a tragic... continue »

Dec 3 2015
Christmas Concert to be Live-Streamed
Cedarville University will present its annual Community Christmas Celebration on Sunday, Dec. 6, from 6.–7 p.m. in the Dixon... continue »

Nov 16 2015
MasterWorks Festival Moves to Cedarville
The internationally acclaimed MasterWorks Festival will now be held at Cedarville University starting next summer. The... continue »

Nov 13 2015
A Journey to Hollywood Began at Cedarville
Cedarville alumna Sarah Brown Carter is living out her dream in Hollywood, though her path has been far from conventional. After... continue »

Sep 28 2015
Father of the Bride Premieres in October
Cedarville University’s theatre department will premiere its comedic fall production of “Father of the Bride”... continue »

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