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Mar 11 2014
Commitment to Bible Minor Recognized
Cedarville University has been named as one of the best colleges for studying the Bible by The website... continue »

Feb 15 2014
New Graduate Programs Available for Incoming Students
There are many new reasons to be excited about earning a graduate degree from Cedarville University. Not only will students... continue »

Feb 1 2014
Debate on Creation Live-Streamed at the Dixon Ministry Center
The “debate of the decade” on creation between creation apologist Ken Ham and Emmy Award winning science educator Bill... continue »

Jan 7 2014
Third-Annual Songwriting Contest at Cedarville
Cedarville University Music and Worship Department announces its 3rd annual Songwriting Competition.  The competition is open... continue »

Jan 2 2014
Alumnus Serves Missionaries Through Clinic in Hungary
A Cedarville University alumnus is working to provide support and care for overseas missionaries through a clinic in Budapest,... continue »

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