Quick Facts

Numbers That Count

  • 263 majors
  • 8.8% of student body
  • Most popular programs:
  • Youth Ministries -- 64 (24% of Bible majors)
  • Pre-seminary -- 46 (18% of Bible majors)
  • 21 faculty; 95% of whom have doctorates or are the final stage of earning a doctorate
  • 12/1 faculty to student ratio

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Bible at Cedarville University

Practical Ministry

At Cedarville, you will find plenty of opportunities to "get your hands dirty," as they say. From being a leader on campus to serving others in neighboring communities to overseas missions trips, the Cedarville University School of Biblical and Theological Studies encourages its students to participate in a variety of ministries.

Integrated Learning

As part of a comprehensive liberal arts university, your course of study will merge philosophy and ministry with other disciplines. In addition, we believe that ministry, theology, and knowledge must go together to prepare you for the work to which God has called you.

Critical Thinking

You will be encouraged to critically engage a diversity of ideas, learning how to think through them from a scriptural perspective and coming to a clear understanding of what it means to hold a biblical worldview.

Highly Qualified Professors

Our faculty of over 20 scholars - all with advanced degrees - will bring quality academics, real-world experience, and great teaching skills to the classroom, not to mention their hearts for God and for students. Cedarville also encourages mentoring relationships between students and faculty.

Excellent Facility

With the addition of the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies in fall 2008, Cedarville once more cemented its commitment to scriptural study and ministry. Presenting the theme "I Am the Light of the World," you will find that truth reflected throughout the building while enjoying state-of-the-art resources and technology.

One-of-a-Kind Bible Minor

Our Bible minor stands as a testament to the University's core values and distinctives, and unites the student body by being a requirement for all Cedarville graduates. It equips students with biblical knowledge, a theological framework, and the skills for a lifetime of continuing study.

Academic Excellence

In a recent national satisfaction survey, our students ranked Cedarville University #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more. And, as "iron sharpens iron," you will interact with peers who are also pursuing service for God's kingdom.

Relevant Courses

Cedarville's classes are designed with students in mind - sequenced and integrated to produce five critical outcomes: to study the Scriptures on their own and in community with other believers, to think theologically, to grow spiritually, to engage the culture as Jesus would, and to think critically. All this while balancing traditional and contemporary relevance.

Prepared for the Future

Students leave Cedarville ready to engage their world in a culturally sensitive, Christ-like manner. With a focus on fulfilling the Great Commission of Matt. 28:19, the department trains men and women to enter full-time ministry with theological knowledge and a passion for God and service. As a Cedarville student, you will also be given multiple opportunities to apply what you learn in various ministry settings.

Career Opportunities

By offering students a theologically informed philosophy of ministry and the skills and experience to actualize it, Cedarville graduates are able to succeed in the areas of Christian education, youth ministries, pastoral studies, world missions, and international studies-missiology.