For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ

Sample Five-Year Plan

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTBS-1000Introduction to Biblical Studies1
BTBL-2010Introduction to Biblical Language Tools3
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation3
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature3
COM-1100Fundamental of Speech3
GSS-1100Politics and American Culture3
HUM-1400Introduction to the Humanities3
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life2
Biology Elective3.5
History/Global Awareness Elective3
Physical Science Elective3.5
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTAT-2400 Personal Evangelism (spring) 3
BTBL-2510 Elementary Greek 1 4
BTBL-2520 Elementary Greek 2 4
BTBS-2020 Biblical Research Methods 1
BTGE-2740 New Testament Literature 3
BTGE-3755 Theology I 3
BTGE-3765 Theology II 3
BTPA-2200 Introduction to Philosophy 3
LIT-2XXX Literature Elective 3
Quantitative Elective 3
Social Science Elective 3
Total 33
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTAT-2000 Introduction to Missions (spring) 3
BTBL-3510 Intermediate Greek I (fall) 3
BTBL-4110 Greek Syntax & Exegesis (spring) 3
BTBS-4310 Hermeneutics (fall) 3
BTHT-3340 Christian Theology 1: Bible, Trinity, God the Father (fall) 3
BTHT-3350 Christian Theology 2: God the Son & God the Spirit (spring) 3
BTNT-3110 New Testament 1: Synoptic Gospels (fall) 3
BTNT-3120 New Testament 2: Acts & NT Epistles (spring) 3
BTOT-3110 Old Testament 1: Pentateuch (fall) 3
BTOT-3210 Old Testament 2: Former Prophets (spring) 3
BTHT-2500 Church History (spring)
   OR BTHT-3500 Historical Theology (spring)
Total 33
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTAT-65001 Text-Driven Preaching 1 3
BTBL-6610 Elementary Hebrew I 3
BTBL-6620 Elementary Hebrew II 3
BTHT-6360 Christian Theology 3: Salvation, Humanity, and Angels 3
BTHT-6370 Christian Theology 4: Church & Last Things 3
BTNT-6130 New Testament 3: Pauline Literature 3
BTNT-6140 New Testament 4: Johannine Literature 3
BTOT-6130 Old Testament 3: Latter Prophets 3
BTOT-6140 Old Testament 4: Writings 3
BTAT-6300 Teaching Ministry of the Church
   OR BTAT-6410 Discipleship
Total 30
1 The alternative course for women in the program is BTAT-6480 Women’s Communication for Ministry (3 credits).
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTAT-6850 Mentorship (off-site, Fall or MDiv year 2 Summer) 2
BTAT-6110 Biblical Care & Counseling 3
BTAT-62101 Biblical Leadership 3
BTAT-6510 Character Colloquium (Fall & Spring) 2
BTAT-65602 Text-Driven Preaching 2 3
BTAT-6900 Internship (off-site) 3
BTAT-6940 Issues & Values in Ministry 3
BTAT-6950 Exegesis to Exposition (capstone course) 3
BTBL-6630 Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis 3
BTHT-6100 Biblical Theology 3
BTPA-6450 Christian Apologetics
   OR BTPA-6250 Philosophy of Religion
   OR BTHT-6300 Global Theology
   OR BTHT-6740 Biblical Theology of Womanhood
Total 31
1 The alternative course for women in the program is BTHT-6740 Biblical Theology of Womanhood (3 credits).
2 The alternative course for women in the program is BTCM-6530 Contemporary Ministry to Women and Girls (3 credits).