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Sample Four-Year Plan 2015—16

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for a Major in Economics - B.S.

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation3
COM-1100Fundamentals of Speech3
GSS-1100Politics and American Culture3
HUM-1400Introduction to the Humanities3
ITM-1510Software Tools for Business2
MATH-1710Calculus I5
Biological Science Elective3.5
Physical Science Elective3.5
Humanities Elective3
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
ACCT-2110Principles of Accounting I3
ACCT-2120Principles of Accounting II3
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature3
BTGE-2740New Testament Literature3
BUS-2180Business Law3
GSS-3650Quantitative Methodology3
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life2
LIT-2XXXLiterature Elective3
General Elective3
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-3755Theology I3
BTGE-3765Theology II3
ECON-3335Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECON-3345Intermediate Macroeconomics3
FIN-3710Principles of Finance3
MGMT-3500Principles of Organization and Management3
MRKT-3600Principles of Marketing3
Concentration Electives9
General Electives3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ECON/HIST-3340 History of Economic Thought 3
ECON/PUAD-3390 Public Finance 3
MGMT-4510 Strategic Management 3
Concentration Electives 15
General Electives 4
  Science/Mathematics Electives 3
Total 31