Course KeyCourse Title
BEPT-2000Introduction to Mission
BEPT-2400Personal Evangelism
BEPT-2420History of Mission
BEPT-3420Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
BEPT-3430Pastoral Counseling
BEPT-3450Contemporary World Missions
BEPT-3470Cross-Cultural Ministry
BEPT-3480Women's Communication for Ministry
BEPT-3500Teaching and Preaching in the Church
BEPT-3510Introduction to Urban Ministry
BEPT-4510Advanced Urban Ministry
BEPT-4560Advanced Homiletics
BEPT-4710Ministry Internship
BEPT-4720Missionary Internship
BEPT-4730Pastoral Internship
BEPT-4900Independent Study in Practical Theology
BEPT-4990Topics in Practical Theology
BEPT-6110Biblical Care and Counseling
BEPT-6210Biblical Leadership
BEPT-6310Ministry of Teaching and Preaching
BEPT-6410The Church and God's Mission
BEPT-6420Trinitarian Implications for Practical Ministry
BEPT-6510Character Colloquium