B.A. in Liberal Arts

The College of Arts and Sciences announces a new B.A. in liberal arts that will begin the fall term of 2012. This new degree program will have the breadth and depth of a traditional liberal arts degree, and it will allow for some student flexibility in choosing courses. It is expected that students completing this degree will go on to graduate school, medical school, law school, or a school of theology. For more information, contact Dr. Kevin Sims

The liberal arts major will include general education requirements, foreign language competency, and concentration in one area of the core liberal arts (humanities, fine arts, social science and history, math and science, or theology and philosophy). Students’ individualized plans must include a study abroad experience and a three-hour capstone course in the form of a project or a thesis in one of the core areas.

Requirements for Entry into the Program

Freshmen may enter Cedarville University as a liberal arts major with provisional approval if they have either a 27 on the ACT or a 1210 on the SAT and a 3.5 high school GPA. However, they must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA and supply two faculty recommendations at the end of the freshman year in order to stay in the program.


The liberal arts major is a challenging interdisciplinary major within the College of Arts and Sciences. It offers students the opportunity to study courses across the liberal arts program in math, science, history, political science, English, literature, music, art, theatre, philosophy, and Bible. Students can then select a concentration area from all of the liberal arts courses of study. It also includes a travel study experience that enables the student to participate in a cultural and academic experience outside the United States.
The interdisciplinary design of the major gives interested students a broad perspective of the liberal arts, while the concentration area allows them to focus on a specific area of personal interest. The travel experience is also unique to this major. The liberal arts faculty wants to see students become more aware of cultural and academic experiences they can gain from living and traveling outside of the country.
Cedarville University provides a number of travel study experiences ranging from Oxford University to the Christian music center in Australia. There are other programs in Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Jerusalem, and Cairo, Egypt. This is only a sample; the opportunities are nearly limitless!
While most travel study options are for a full semester, the experience for a liberal arts major can be fulfilled in a shorter summer travel study program.
Students should select a concentration based on their personal interest. There are no mandates in the selection. Students work one-on-one with a faculty member in their primary area of interest. That individualized program is then fashioned jointly by the student and faculty member to maximize the student’s understanding of his or her preferred area of study.
The major is designed for serious students who wish to grow academically in their understanding of the liberal arts as well as enhance their level of learning in all facets of life experiences. While the intent of the major is to prepare the student for further study in graduate school, law school, or seminary, students may find careers in a myriad of occupations such as education, library science, museums of art, music, natural history, government service, theatre production, sales, marketing, and local church ministry.