Step 3: Tour the Moodle Learning Environment

Cedarville’s online courses are designed to help students engage with rich content in order to master specific learning objectives. The focus is on active student learning. Learning activities such as audio and video content, peer-to-peer interaction, self-directed assignments and group work along with professor mentoring and feedback is delivered through a web-based learning management system called Moodle.

  1. From the Cedarville Student Homepage, click on the Moodle Courses link under Quick Links. You can also access Moodle by typing in your browser.
  2. On the Moodle login page, enter your Cedarville login name and password to access your courses. After you log in, you will see a list of your current and past courses.
  3. Click the course name that you want to view to go to its Moodle Course Page. 

Cedarville’s online courses are developed in the Center for Teaching and Learning to take best advantage of online learning technology and pedagogy. Courses are asynchronous, meaning that there is no set time that you will meet together with your entire class. Courses are divided into one-week units, so you can accomplish weekly requirements at your own convenience as long as you keep up with the course calendar. 

Courses are formatted into 8-week, 12-week, or 16 week periods. A three-semester-hour course that runs 12 or 16 weeks will require about 8-10 hours of study time per week. Eight-week courses will require 12-14 hours of weekly study time. Students who set aside time daily to interact with course material will experience the most success. 

There are two important but separate locations on CedarNet where you will access course material: Moodle and the course website. You will log in to Moodle first to enter yourt virutal classroom, and the classroom contains a link for the course website. You will submit assignments, take tests and quizzes, and interact with your peers and your professor in your Moodle classroom. The course website contains course content and assignment instructions, including the course syllabus. You can only access the course website through Moodle.

On the main course page, all Moodle courses have a welcome box at the top of the page where you will find basic class information, your professor’s information, and the link to the course website.

Below the welcome box, you will see the layout of every week/unit and the assignments that you will complete for each week/unit.

To access your Moodle profile, click on My Profile in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen, and you can check on your grades by clicking on Grades under Settings on the right.

Your syllabus is located on the course website. Remember that you will find a link to the course website after logging in to your classroom in Moodle.  

When you are on the course website, hover your mouse over the Course Menu (top of page) and a drop down box will appear with a link to the syllabus. Syllabi are available before the official course start date. For the exact beginning and end dates of your course, check your class schedule in CedarInfo.

Information contained in the syllabus includes the following.

  • Detailed course description
  • Biography of your instructor along with contact information
  • Required materials including textbooks (read carefully Step 5 Textbooks before ordering books and supplies.)
  • Course objectives
  • Required activities
  • Policies regarding grading and academic integrity
  • Support services

*If due dates or deadlines on your course website or syllabus do not match what is listed in your Moodle classroom, you should contact your instructor to clarify.

  1. Log into Moodle and click on you course name to enter your classroom.
  2. Click on Attempt Quiz Now.
  3. If prompted, accept the time limit for the quiz, and then click Start Attempt.
  4. Select the answers to the questions to complete the quiz. If you are unsure of a question, click on Flag Question in the dark blue question label box to alert your professor.
  5. Click Next when you are done answering the questions.
  6. When you are completely finished with the quiz, click Submit All and Finish. Moodle will warn you that you will not be able to change your answers after submitting your quiz. Click Submit All and Finish again. Depending on the settings your professor has assigned to the quiz, you may have a chance to review the quiz that you submitted, or you may be taken straight to the Quiz Summary page

There are two ways to submit assignments in your course in Moodle. You will either upload a file with a completed assignment, or you will type text directly into a text field. 

Log into Moodle and click on the name of your course. Click on the type of assignment you want to submit. 

  • Text Submission
    If you are entering a text submission, you can type directly into the text field and click Save Changes. Click Submit. **It is a good idea to first type your answer in a Word document and save it, then copy and paste your answer into Moodle. In the unlikely event that your submission disappears when you click Submit, you have your answer to copy and paste again.

  • Upload a File
    If you are uploading a file, click Upload a File, and then click Choose File. Select your file from the list and click Save Changes. For some assignments, you will need to click Submit a final time.

In some of your courses, you may be required to participate in discussions in Moodle. To post to a discussion:

  1. From your Moodle Course Page, click on the discussion you want to post to.
  2. Click on Add a New Discussion Topic.
  3. Enter you post; make sure to include a subject as well as the message.
  4. Click Post to Forum.

To read a post from a classmate or your professor:

  1. From your Moodle Course Page, click on the appropriate discussion.
  2. From the displayed table, click on the name of the discussion that you would like to read.
  3. After reading the post, click Reply to post a comment to the discussion. 

One week prior to your course start date:

  1. Verify your Moodle access by logging in to Moodle.
  2. After logging in to Moodle, complete or review the course Getting Started in Moodle: Orientation for Students.
  3. Complete any introductory activities outlined for the course.
  4. Check your Cedarville University Google email account ( daily from this point through the end of your course. 
  5. Watch for a welcome email from your professor.

On the first day of your course:

  1. Access Moodle and select your course from the course list.
  2. Once in your virtual classroom in Moodle, access the course website and review the following: course syllabus (near the top of the page on the Course Menu) and assignments (on the assignment tab in the syllabus).
  3. Complete any introductory activities outlined for the course.
  4. Log in to Moodle daily from this point forward to complete assignments and check for messages from your peers and messages or announcements from your professors. 

Cedarville Information Technology has compiled an extensive set of resources and tutorials for students on how to use Moodle. They are located here in the computer help pages. You can also always contact your professor or program advisor with Moodle questions if you need further assistance.

If you have problems with your user name and password, call the Information Technology Help Desk at 937-766-7905 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and you will be aided in resetting your user name or password.