Step 5: Get Your Textbooks

Public School Students

Under the new regulations for College Credit Plus, your public high school is responsible to provide your textbooks for any CCP-funded course.

  • Contact your guidance counselor or principal to determine what process your high school has in place to acquire your textbooks.
  • To determine what textbooks are required for your fall courses, view your schedule in CedarInfo and click on the Bookstore link (left side of schedule).
  • Enter your 7-digit ID number in the ID search field and click Search. Your 7-digit ID is on your schedule.
  • All textbooks for all of your courses will be listed with ISBN numbers and available for rent or purchase.
  • If you want to compare Cedarville's prices with other outlets, hover your mouse over the drop down arrow to the right of "Textbooks" on the upper blue bar and choose Compare.
  • If your high school decides to acquire your textbooks from a source other than the Cedarville University Bookstore, you must have the correct ISBN number for your books.
  • If you have questions about which textbooks are required, contact your program advisor.

Private and Homeschool Students

  • Cedarville University will provide all textbooks and materials required for your CCP-funded course free of charge.
  • If you attend Orientation Day on August 10, you will pick up your CCP textbooks as part of the orientation.*
  • All CCP textbooks will be rented. A credit card must be placed on file with the University bookstore when picking up your books on Orientation Day, but your card will not be charged unless books are not returned at the end of your course, according to the rental agreement. 
  • If you are unable to attend Orientation Day, textbooks will be shipped to your home free of charge. You will be informed by your program advisor how to place your credit card information on file with the bookstore if textbooks are shipped to you. This applies to continuing CCP students as well as new.
  • A return postage-paid label will be emailed to you at your Cedarville University email account prior to the due date for returning your books. 
  • Should you purchase your books otherwise, Cedarville University cannot reimburse you for your purchase.
  • There is no on-campus orientation prior to the start of spring semester. Local students may pick up CCP textbooks in the Cedarville University bookstore for spring semester. Students who are unable to pick up CCP textbooks on campus will have books shipped to them free of charge.

*The Ohio Department of Education will mail CCP funding award letters to students by August 3. Cedarville University will receive a copy of those letters. If we do not have funding information in time to distribute textbooks on August 10, all books will be shipped to students as soon as possible free of charge.