About the Broadcasting and Digital Media Major

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One of the big questions students have is "How do I get the experience that's required in order to get a job?" Here you will be recording audio, shooting video and preparing streaming media as class projects. Plus there are lots of other opportunities to add to your experience outside the classroom, as well.

We have an online station - Resound Radio - that is entirely student staffed, providing practical experience in production, programming, sales, promotion and management.

Fusion Films is a student organization that sponsors an annual film festival, featuring short films produced by Cedarville students, so there are lots of opportunities to crew a location film shoot.

All that production experience helps build your demo reel, but you also get courses to help you better understand how the media work and to think about your work in the media as a calling. The course work you will take provides a balance between hands-on work and courses in advanced topics such as media research, legal and ethical issues and how Christians approach working in the media.

Where do you go from here? It depends on your interest!

Radio or audio production? Check out the Digital Radio and Audio Production concentration.

Television, video or digital film production? Check out the Digital Film and Video Production concentration.

Enjoy working with the computer to create media or interested in new and emerging digital media? Check out the Integrated Digital Media concentration.