Broadcasting and Digital Media Major Requirements

(54 credit hours)

Broadcasting and Digital Media Core (33 credit hours)
Course No. Course Title Hours
BRDM-1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media 3
BRDM-1120 Audio Technical Training 3
BRDM-2110 Video Technical Training 3
Writing for Electronic Media
  (or Screenwriting)
  (or Writing and Design Web/Mobile Media)
BRDM-2810 Sophomore Seminar 1
Survey Research for Electronic Media
  (or Web Analytics)
BRDM-3150 Media Ethics 2
BRDM-3151 Christian Approaches to Electronic Media 2
BRDM-3650 Networked Audience 3
BRDM-4110 Electronic Media Law and Regulation 3
BRDM-4650 Designing Solutions for New Audiences 3
BRDM-4810 Senior Seminar 1
Select one of the following, with approval of faculty 3-12
BRDM-4920 Senior Project* 3
BRDM-4930 Electronic Media Internship* 3-12
Concentration selected from the following 21
Digital Film and Video Concentration  21
BRDM-2320 Preproduction and Planning for Video/Film 3
Digital Audio Post Production
  (or Audio for Video and Film)
  (or Acting I)
BRDM-3310 Digital Film Production 3
BRDM-3355 VFX and Compositing for TV and Film 3
BRDM-3620 Digital Compression and Streaming 3
BRDM-4310 Advanced Cinematography and Lighting 3
Practica - three hours selected from the following 3
EMTC-3731 Video Production Practicum+ 1
EMTC-3733 Sports Production Practicum+ 1
EMTC-3734 Film Practicum+ 1
Digital Radio and Audio concentration 21
BRDM-1210 Media Performance 3
BRDM-3210 Digital Audio Post-Production 3
BRDM-3215 Live Sound 3
Select one set of courses approved by advisor 12
Set one 12
BRDM-3410 Electronic Media Sales 3
THTR-1410 Introduction to Theatre 3
THTR-2410 Advanced Performance Techniques 3
THTR-2430 Acting I 3
Set two 12
BRDM-2220 Sound Design 3
BRDM-3211 Digital Music Production 3
BRDM-3216 Audio for Video/Film 3
BRDM-3720 Audio Production Practicum
(1 hour each; 3 hours required)
Integrated Digital Media concentration 21
BRDM-3210 Digital Audio Post Production 3
BRDM-3310 Digital Film Production 3
Digital Media Electives++ 15

* Capstone Course
++Electives are chosen by the student to meet his or her specific life goals and must be approved by the department chair and the student's advisor. Additionally, the student must justify the exclusion of communication courses that appear to meet the life goal plan. No 1000-level courses may apply.