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Journalism Major Requirements 2015-16

(51 credit hours)

Journalism Core (32 credit hours)
Course No. Course Title Hours
COM-2320 Theories of Mass Media 3
COM-2510 Media History 3
JOUR-1000 Introduction to Media Writing 3
JOUR-2000 Introduction to Reporting 3
JOUR-3100 Media Law 3
JOUR-3150 Media Ethics 2
BRDM/JOUR-3605 Writing and Design for Web/Mobile Media 3
JOUR/BRDM-3650 Networked Audience 3
BRDM/JOUR-4650 Designing Solutions for New Audiences 3
*JOUR-4950 Internship 6
Concentration selected from the following 19
Convergent Journalism Concentration 21
JOUR-3310 Adv Newswriting/Reporting for Broadcasting 3
JOUR-3320 Adv Newswriting and Reporting for Print 3
JOUR-3900 Journalism Practicum 3
Convergent courses selected from the following: 6
JOUR-3350 Television News Production 3
JOUR-3420 Editing and Design 3
JOUR-3600 Computer Assisted Reporting 3
Electives selected from the following: 6
BRDM-1120 Audio Technical Training 3
BRDM-3350 Documentary Films 3
BRDM-3370 Documentary Film-style Production 3
BRDM-3611 Web Analytics 3
JOUR-4420 Feature Writing 3
JOUR-4600 Magazine Writing 3
JOUR-4610 Photojournalism 3
JOUR-4620 Investigative Reporting 3
Public Relations concentration 19
JOUR-2500 Introduction to Public Relations 3
JOUR-3500 Public Relations Principles and Writing 3
JOUR-3550 Advanced Public Relations Writing 3
JOUR-4500 Public Relations Campaign 3
JOUR-4550 Practicum in Public Relations 1
Electives selected from the following: 6
COM-3230 Organizational Communication 3
COM-3810 Speechwriting for the Professional 3
COM-4060 Organizational Leadership 3
JOUR-4820 Special Topics in Public Relations 3
MRKT-3600 Principles of Marketing 3

* Capstone Course