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Oct 27 2008
But What She Really Wants to Do Is Direct
It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. The ice she slid gingerly across would break, and she would go in. As the song says, ... continue »

Oct 23 2008
Debate Team Starts Strong
Cedarville, Ohio—Building on the foundation of their former coach, the Cedarville University debate team has kicked off the... continue »

Sep 30 2008
Cedarville Offers New Majors and Minors
How do you know the college you’re thinking about attending is relevant and progressive? Look for signs of growth. Take... continue »

Sep 30 2008
Step into the Spotlight at Theatre Day
Cedarville, Ohio—Stage makeup, costume changes, applause - all in a day’s work, right? Come explore a career in... continue »

Sep 16 2008
Political Intrigue Takes the Stage
Cedarville, Ohio—Questions of “vetting” have swirled around the presidential campaigns for the last couple of... continue »

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