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Professional Writing and Information Design Major Requirements 2015-16


(56 credit hours)

Professional Writing and Information Design Core (56 credit hours)
Course No. Course Title Hours
ENG-3070 English Grammar 3
PWID-3000 Production Tools and Document Design 3
PWID-3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers 3
PWID-3020 Professional Portfolio Development I 1
PWID-3090 Technical Marketing Communication 3
PWID-3130 Technical Communication 3
PWID-3170 The Technical Communicator in a Corporate Culture 2
PWID-3180 Visual Rhetoric 3
PWID-3210 Technical Editing 2
PWID-3250 Documentation Design 3
PWID-4010 Designing Technical Reports 3
PWID-4020 Professional Portfolio Development II 1
PWID-4050 Designing Online Information I 3
PWID-4060 Designing Online Information II 3
PWID-4070 Designing Online Information III 2
PWID-4130 Instructional Design I 3
PWID-4140 Instructional Design II 3
PWID-4160 Technical and Professional Communication Internship 3
*PWID-4170 Special Topics 3
Electives selected from the following: 6
BRDM-3611 Web Analytics 3
COM-2050 Communication Theory 3
COM-2140 Intercultural Communication 3
COM-3100 Advanced Public Speaking 3
ENG-2230 Advanced Composition 3
JOUR-2500 Introduction to Public Relations 3

* Capstone Course