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This 4 hour course is taken concurrently with 8 hours per week field experience designed to integrate social intervention theory with practice. Emphasis will be given to acquiring basic values, skill, theory and principles of social work practice as well as the skill development essential to beginning social work relationships. Intervention strategies for work with families and individuals are presented with an orientation toward problem-solving. The goal of this course is to assist the student in intergrating theory with practice and in gaining awareness of the professional use of self. Professional writing skills are further developed.

Academic Level:
Social Work [SW]
Social Work [SWK]
Terms Offered:
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2015SP, 2014SP, 2013SP, 2012S1, 2012SP, 2011S1, 2011SP, 2010SP, 2009SP, 2008SP, 2007S1, 2007SP

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