Step 5: Get Your Textbooks

View "What about textbooks?" in the College Credit Plus (CCP) information. 

Dual Enrollment

To determine required textbooks along with ISBN numbers, follow these instructions:

  1. View your class schedule by logging in to CedarInfo.
  2. Under the heading "Academic (Student) Transactions", select the link "Your class schedule, advisor, and library id". Be certain you are viewing Spring Semester 2015.
  3. On your schedule, select the link "Textbook" next to each course number. You can also select "View all textbooks" if you are registered for more than one course.
  4. On the next screen, read the information presented and then scroll to the bottom to select the green button "Begin Price Comparison".
  5. You will see all available options for your textbook: new, used, or rental. Local students may pay for textbooks online and indicate in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges. 
  6. You may purchase your textbooks from other vendors directly from Cedarville University Bookstore's webpage, however, be advised that if you need to return or exchange your textbook, Cedarville's bookstore has an excellent, no-hassle return policy that other vendors may not offer.
  7. If purchasing elsewhere, be certain you have the correct ISBN.

Please email Dual Enrollment if you have any questions about textbook purchase.

It is advisable not to purchase text books and materials too far in advance, especially during the summer months for fall semester, as materials can change when courses are updated.