Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) Licensure Programs

Certification in 7th–12th Grades

The adolescent/young adult licensure programs prepare teachers to work with students in grades 7 to 12. The Ohio Department of Education has approved Cedarville University to issue Adolescent/Young Adult licenses for teachers in the areas of:

  •  Integrated Science (comprehensive)
  •  Integrated Life Science
  •  Integrated Physical Science
  •  Integrated Physics
  •  Integrated Chemistry
  •  Integrated Mathematics
  •  Integrated Language Arts
  •  Integrated Social Studies
The course requirements for each licensure field are outlined in the catalog under the department that offers the major.

Current Catalog Program Requirements

Early Childhood Education

Certification in Pre-School–Third Grade

Our program must meet each of the 10 standards from the Council for Exceptional Children's Knowledge and Skill Base for all Beginning Special Education Teachers of Students in Individualized General Curriculums. The standards are: 
  • Foundations 
  • Development and Characteristics of Learners
  • Individual Learning Differences
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Learning Environments and Social Interactions
  • Communications 
  • Instructional Planning
  • Assessment
  • Professional and Ethical Practice
  • Collaboration

Special education majors must also have clinical experiences that are developmental sequenced and include the full range of abilities, types, and levels in a variety of settings. The students must be supervised by qualified personnel.

Current Catalog Program Requirements Sample Four-Year Plan

Early Childhood Education Generalist Endorsement

Certification in Grades 4th & 5th added to the Early Childhood license

The Early Childhood Education Generalist endorsement is an "add on" to the Early Childhood Education license. This endorsement prepares teachers to work with students in grades four and five and allows the teacher-candidate to be licensed in  Pre-Kindergarten–fifth grade. This endorsement can be easily completed with an additional nine credit hours that are completed during a May term and an additional licensure exam.  

Current Catalog Program Requirements

Middle Childhood Education

Certification in 4th–9th Grades

In the Middle Childhood Education Program, teacher candidates choose two concentration areas of study:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

In addition to proficiency in two of these concentrations, candidates take three courses in study. At the successful completion of the program, a candidate is certified to teach two disciplines in grades 4 through 9.

At Cedarville University, there are specialized courses specifically for middle childhood. When studying science, for example, there are specialized courses such as science concepts, methods, and environmental science just for the middle childhood major. The same is true for the other three concentrations. Candidates experience more than 200 hours of field experience, including 60 hours of co-teaching in an urban setting and special education. Prior to the candidates' 16-week student teaching internship experience, candidates experience a structured field experience in reading and in their areas of concentration. Our graduates are very well prepared for taking charge of a middle school classroom.

Current Catalog Program Requirements Sample Four-Year Plan

Multi-Age Licensure Programs

Certification in Kindergarten–12th grade

The multi-age licensure education programs prepare students to work with students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Ohio Department of Education has approved Cedarville University to issue multi-age licenses in the areas of:

  •  Music Education
  •  Spanish Education
  •  Physical Education and Health Education. 
The course requirements for each licensure area are outlined in the academic catalog under the department that offers the major.

Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education prepares student to teach vocal, instrumental, or general music in grades K–12 in public and Christian schools. Two tracks, choral and instrumental, are available. 

Spanish Education

The Spanish education major provides students with the cultural knowledge and language skills necessary to function in the Spanish classroom and in the Spanish-speaking world.  This major prepares student to teach in grades K–12 in public and Christian schools.  

Physical and Health Education

The physical education and health major provides students a multilevel background in fitness, sports, recreation, and health knowledge as well as skills, dispositions, and teaching competencies.  

Two tracks are available:

    • Physical education
    • Health and physical education
Many teaching internship opportunities are required in diverse area public schools. The Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education or health and physical education prepares students to teach physical education and health education in grades K–12 in public and Christian schools.  

Current Catalog Program Requirements

Special Education

Certification for Kindergarten - 12th grade

Graduates of the Multi-Age Special Education Program are prepared for the Ohio Intervention Specialist:  Mild to Moderate license.  Teachers with this specialty are prepared to:

  • Co-teach in inclusion classrooms at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
  • Work in pull-out settings to address specific learning needs.
  • Work in specialized contexts such as alternative school settings or with incarcerated students.

Early Childhood & Special Education double major

Our program has been designed so that teacher candidates may major in both Early Childhood Education and Multi-Age Special Education.  Courses align to allow the double major to be completed in nine semesters.  The double major may be completed in four years with an additional semester of coursework completed during May or Summer terms or by completing an additional semester.  At the completion of this double major, teacher candidates will receive licensure in both Early Childhood Education and Intervention Specialist: Mild to Moderate.   

Current Catalog Program Requirements Sample Four-Year Plan