Scholarships awards are available to current School of Education teacher candidates who meet the specific award criteria and submit an application per award.  Most scholarships are awarded to the recipients at the Honors Day Chapel during the spring semester of each year.  The following awards are available through the Cedarville University School of Education:

J.D. "Jack" Willets Alumni Scholarship Award

Outstanding freshman, sophomore, or junior student (or, in rare circumstances, an outstanding senior applicant) enrolled in each academic department. Recipient receives a plaque purchased and selected by the Alumni Department and a monetary award placed on the student's account.

The Dr. and Mrs. Merlin Ager Award

Recognition for a full-time senior who exemplifies the values of the department, including academic excellence, youth involvement, and Christian ministry. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.3, is pursuing an academic major in education, and had an effective ongoing ministry to young people during his or her tenure at Cedarville. Preference given to student who plans to teach overseas, especially one with a mission emphasis. Recipient given a monetary award which is funded by the education department and other interested parties.

The Arline Littleton Autio Award

Given to a last-semester secondary or elementary education senior who intends to pursue a career in public school education. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate an effectiveness in an ongoing regular ministry to young people while at Cedarville. Receives monetary award.

The Irma M. Dodson Award

Granted to a female senior graduating in the elementary education with consistent and outstanding ability in daily preparation and teaching excellence; involved in Christian service, dedicated to serving and honoring God; evidence of leadership and scholastic abilities. No minimum GPA required. Receives a monetary award.

The Erich W. Ebert Award

Preference given to a last-semester secondary education senior who has intends to pursue a career in Christian school education. Must demonstrate an effectiveness in an ongoing ministry to young people while at Cedarville. Minimum GPA of 3.0. Receives monetary award.

The Dr. Sharon Eimers Memorial Award

Recipients must be full-time junior or senior students in good standing with the University pursuing an academic major in education with a minimum GPA of 3.3. Must demonstrate exceptional creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to teaching. This is a one-time award. The recipient may not receive the award in subsequent years.

Clare Monzelle Milner Award

Granted to a deserving junior majoring in teacher education. No minimum GPA. Receives a monetary award.