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Early Childhood Education Major Requirements 2016-17

Education Undergraduate

The early childhood education major prepares students to teach preschool and early elementary school (pre-K to grade 3) in public and Christian schools.

Teacher Education Core (12 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDUC-1000The Education Profession2
EDUC-1050Preliminary Student Involvement0
EDUC-2000Introduction to Diverse Learners2
EDUC-2100Technology in the Classroom2
EDUC-2200Multicultural Field Experience1
EDUC-2500Educational Psychology3
EDSP-2000Teaching Children with Exceptionalities1
EDSP-2050Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs1

Early Childhood Foundations (11 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDEC-2100 Art and Music for Early Childhood 2
EDEC-2300 Phonics and the Reading Process 4
EDSP-2500 Survey of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 1
ESED-2900 Health and Movement Education 2
PYCH-2725 Child Development 2

Early Childhood Methods I (17 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDEC-3500 Early Childhood Education 3
EDEC-3600 Issues in Early Childhood Administration 3
EDEC-3800 Teaching, Reading, and Language Arts: EC 4
EDEC-3900 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education 1
EDEC-3950 Early Childhood Clinical I 3
EDSP-3100 Diagnostics and Intervention in Reading 3

Early Childhood Methods II (17 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDEC-4000 Reading in the Content Area: EC 2
EDEC-4100 Teaching Mathematics: EC 3
EDEC-4200 Teaching Science: EC 3
EDEC-4300 Teaching Social Science: EC 3
EDEC-4450 Early Childhood Clinical II 3
EDSP-4250 Communication, Collaboration, and Inclusion 2
EDUC-3200 Faith and Learning Alignment 1

Student Teaching (12 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
*EDEC-4900 Student Teaching and Seminar: EC 12

*Capstone Course