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Middle Childhood Education Major Requirements 2016-17

Education Undergraduate

Teacher Education Core (12 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDUC-1000The Education Profession2
EDUC-1050Preliminary Student Involvement0
EDUC-2000Introduction to Diverse Learners2
EDUC-2100Technology in the Classroom2
EDUC-2200Multicultural Field Experience1
EDUC-2500Educational Psychology3
EDSP-2000Teaching Children with Exceptionalities1
EDSP-2050Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs1

Concentration Areas (must choose two)

Mathematics (21 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDMC-3300 Topics in Middle School Mathematics 3
EDMC-4100 Teaching Mathematics: Middle Childhood 3
GMTH-1020 College Algebra 3
GMTH-1030 Precalculus 4
GMTH-3010 Proof and Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH-1710 Calculus I 5

Language Arts (18 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
COM-2320 Theories of Mass Media 3
EDMC-3800 Writing Process and Language Arts Methods for Middle School 3
ENG-2230 Advanced Composition 3
ENG-3060 The English Language 3
ENG-3070 English Grammar 3
LIT-2390 Survey of American Literature to 1900 3

Science (20 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
CHEM-1000 Principles of Chemistry 5
EDMC-4200 Teaching Science: Middle Childhood 3
GSCI-2010 Physical Science for Teachers 4
GSCI-3010 Concepts in Middle School Science 4
GSCI-3060 Environmental Science for Middle School Educators 4

Social Studies (18 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ECON-2110 Essentials of Economics 3
EDMC-4300 Teaching Social Studies: Middle Childhood 3
*GEO-3510 World Regional Geography - Western 3
HIST-1120 United States History II 3
HIST-2010 History of Civilization I 3
HIST-2020 History of Civilization II 3

*Course also satifsfies a general education requirement or a professional education requirement.