The School of Engineering and Computer Science is located in a building that was completed in 1992, the Engineering and Science Center, to specifically house the new engineering program. Classrooms and labs include the latest technology -- all classrooms, faculty offices, and residence hall rooms are connected by CedarNet. CedarNet is the campus-wide fiber optic-based network that puts Internet and approximately 200 application programs in every student room. Of special interest to the engineers are mathematical and computational packages (Maple, MATLAB, TK Solver), word processors, spreadsheets, CAD, 24-hour access to library research, engineering standards, graphics packages, statistical processors, simulation tools, and general research aids.

Our modern laboratories include the following: fluids lab with an 18-inch cross-section wind tunnel, heat transfer, refrigeration, mechanics, materials testing, internal combustion engine dynamometers, CNC manufacturing, vibrations, dynamics of machines, electrical machines, feedback controls, circuits, electronics, communications, digital logic design, microprocessors, surface-mount soldering, and a parallel computing cluster. We also have extensive PC-based laboratories in which the students use computer-based circuit design, 3-D solid modeling, FEA, CFD, CNC, and Industry-standard IDE software.