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Mechanical Engineering Major Sample Four-Year Plan 2016–17

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for a Major in Mechanical Engineering

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation3
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature3
CHEM-1050Chemistry for Engineers3.5
EGCP-1010Digital Logic Design3
EGGN-1110The Engineering Profession1
EGME-1810Engineering Graphics1
MATH-1710Calculus I5
MATH-1720Calculus II5
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life2
PHYS-2110General Physics I4
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-2740New Testament Literature3
COM-1100Fundamentals of Speech3
EGEE-2050Circuits and Instrumentation4
EGME-2050Computational Methods4
EGME-2530Statics and Mechanics of Materials5
GSS-1100Politics and American Culture3
MATH-2710Calculus III3
MATH-2740Differential Equations3
PHYS-2120General Physics II4
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
EGGN-3110Professional Ethics3
EGME-2410Properties of Engineering Materials4
EGME-3010Mechanical Engineering Lab I2
EGME-3020Mechanical Engineering Lab II2
EGME-3150Heat Transfer3
EGME-3210Fluid Mechanics3
EGME-3610Kinematics and Design of Machines3
EGME-3850Mechanical Design3
HUM-1400Introduction to Humanities3
History/Global Awareness Elective3
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-3755Theology I3
BTGE-3765Theology II3
ECON-2110Essentials of Economics3
EGEE-3530Electrical Machines3
EGGN-4010Senior Seminar0
EGME-2430Contemporary Manufacturing Processes3
EGME-4660Automatic Controls3
EGME-4810Mechanical Engineering Senior Design I3
EGME-4820Mechanical Engineering Senior Design II3
Biology Elective3.5
Engineering Electives6
LIT-2XXXLiterature Elective3

Engineering Electives

Engineering Electives must include at least one 4000-level course.