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Kevin Heath, Chair

Creative writing and advanced composition

Kevin Heath


Dr. Heath serves as Professor of English and chair of the Department of Language and Literature. He has been reappointed as chair and will begin another term effective July 1, 2008. He teaches creative writing and advanced composition classes. His work, which has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes and the Best American Essay anthology, has appeared in various publications. Dr. Heath received his Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati in 1999. He has been at Cedarville since 1990.


  • Creative nonfiction
  • Funk, rock, blues, be-bop jazz, reggae, soul
  • College football and the glory days of Detroit Tigers baseball
  • Contemporary American cinema


  • Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati (1999)
  • Graduate study, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary (1989-1990)
  • M.A. in English from Michigan State University (1988)
  • B.A. in English from Truman State University (1986)

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  • Creative Writing
  • Nonfiction