Integrated Language Arts Major Requirements


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62 credit hours

Course requirements involve 62 hours in integrated language arts and 33–35 hours in professional education requirements.

Integrated Language Arts Core (52 credit hours)
Course No. Course Title Hours
EDSE-3100 Contemporary Young Adult Literature 3
ENG-2070 Fundamentals of English Grammar 3
ENG-2230 Advanced Composition 3
ENG-3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers 3
ENG-3060 The English Language 3
ENG-3070 Advanced Grammar for Adolescent Teachers 3
ENG-3300 Developmental Reading 3
ENG-4200 Methods of Teaching Writing 3
LIT-1990 First-Year Seminar 3
LIT-2090 Literary Analysis 3
LIT-2340 Western Literature 3
LIT-2390 Survey of American Literature to 1900 3
LIT-2430 Survey of British Literature to 1800 3
LIT-2440 Survey of British Literature from 1800 to Present 3
LIT-3200 Methods of Teaching Integrated Language Arts 3
LIT-3350 Shakespeare 3
LIT-3440 Multiethnic American Literature 3
One course from each of the following selections 9
Studies in Modern Literature 3
LIT-3380 Contemporary British Literature 3
LIT-3400 Contemporary World Literature 3
LIT-3510 Modern American Literature 3
LIT-4510 Recent American Literature 3
Genre Studies 3
LIT-2120 History of Literary Criticism 3
LIT-2130 Dramatic Literature 3
LIT-2330 Mythology 3
LIT-2350 Christian Motifs in Film 3
LIT-3310 English Novel 3
LIT-3420 American Novel 3
LIT-4310 Literary Theory 3
LIT-4420 European Novel 3
Writing Studies 3
ENG-2220 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENG-3020 Creative Writing: Short Forms 3
Professional Education Requirements 36-38
EDSE-4100 Principles of Teaching: AYA 5
EDSE-4450 Adolescent/Young Adult Clinical Experience 3
EDSE-4900 * Student Teaching and Seminar: AYA 10-12
EDSP-2000 Teaching Children with Exceptionalities 1
EDSP-2050 Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs 1
EDSP-4250 Communication, Collaboration, and Inclusion 2
EDUC-1000 The Education Profession 2
EDUC-1050 Preliminary Student Involvement 0
EDUC-2000 Introduction to Diverse Learners 2
EDUC-2100 Technology in the Classroom 2
EDUC-2200 Multicultural Field Experience 1
EDUC-2500 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC-3100 Philisophical Foundations of Education 3
EDUC-3200 Faith and Learning Alignment 1

* Capstone Course