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Spanish Major Four-Year Plan 2016-17


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Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for a Major in Spanish

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTGE-1720 Spiritual Formation 3
COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENG-1400 Composition 3
GBIO-1000 Principles of Biology 3.5
HUM-1400 Introduction to the Humanities 3
PEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life 2
SPAN-1710 Elementary Spanish I* 4
SPAN-1720 Elementary Spanish II* 4
History Elective 3
Elective 3
Total 31.5
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTGE-2730 Old Testament Literature 3
BTGE-2740 New Testament Literature 3
GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture 3
SPAN-2710 Intermediate Spanish I 4
SPAN-2720 Intermediate Spanish II 3
LIT-2XXX Literature Elective 3
Physical Science Elective 3.5
Quantitative Elective 3
Electives 6
Total 31.5
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BTGE-3755 Theology I 3
BTGE-3765 Theology II 3
SPAN-3610 Spanish Composition 3
SPAN-3620 Spanish Conversation 3
SPAN-3640 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3
Social Science Elective 3
Electives 16
Total 34
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
SPAN-4610 Advanced Spanish Grammar 3
SPAN-4640 Research in Language and Culture 3
Spanish Civilization and Literature Electives 6
Spanish Electives 6
Electives 13
Total 31

*Elementary Spanish does not count toward the major.