Practical Experience


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Because we understand the value of real-world experience, the department of English, literature, and modern languages creates opportunities for students to obtain the experience they need. Students comprise the editorial staff of Cedars, the University's award-winning student newspaper. The Miracle is Cedarville University's yearbook, which students with writing, photography, editorial, and layout and design talent have the opportunity to compile and edit. Students also publish their finest original literary work (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction) and black and white photography in The Cedarville Review.

The Writing Center is a campus service that helps the University community learn writing skills from highly qualified and trained students. In addition to tutoring opportunities, students also deliver workshops, assist in administration, or aid faculty with research projects related to writing centers.

All students in the department also benefit from CedarNet, an on-campus fiber-optic network that provides access to the Internet and approximately 200 software programs. Of special interest to our majors are the industry-standard graphic design packages; word processing, spreadsheet, and project management software; and outstanding research aids.