B.A. in International Studies

The international studies major provides students with a political view of the international community. Utilizing courses in economics, geography, history, literature, and political science, this program prepares students for careers in areas such as diplomacy, intelligence, international media, international relations, and missions. Given the missional nature of many of our students, many are also pursuing opportunities with non-governmental organizations dedicated to international adoption, relief for persecuted Christians around the world, hunger relief, and other humanitarian pursuits.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for a Major in International Studies

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology 3
BEGE-1720 Spiritual Formation 3
COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENG-1400 Composition 3
GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture 3
HUM-1400 Introduction to the Humanities 3
PEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life 2
Biological Science Elective 3.5
LIT-2XXX Literature Elective 3
Physical Science Elective 3.5
Quantitative Elective 3
Total 33
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BEGE-2730 Old Testament Literature 3
BEGE-2740 New Testament Literature 3
BETH-2260 World Religions 3
COM-2140 Intercultural Communication OR 3
PYCH-1800 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
GSS-3640 Qualitative Methodology and Reasoning OR 3
GSS-3650 Quantitative Methodology 3
Elementary Foreign Language requirement 0-8
Social Science Elective 6
Electives 4-12
Total 33
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BEGE-3755 Theology I 3
BEGE-3765 Theology II 3
BUS-3910 International Business 3
ECON-3350 Comparative Economic Systems 3
INTL-3190 Global Issues 3
INTL-3650 International Relations 3
Intermediate Foreign Language requirement 0-7
Electives 6-13
Total 31
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
HIST-2010 History of Civilization OR 3
HIST-2020 History of Civilization II 3
INTL-3790 Comparative Politics 3
INTL-4850 Research in International Studies 3
Social Science Elective 15
Electives 7
Total 31

International Studies Electives

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ECON-3360 International Trade and Economics 3
ECON-3380 Economic Development and Political Economy 3
HIST-3080 History of Russia and Eastern Europe 3
INTL-3200 History and Politics of Latin America 3
INTL-3210 History and Politics of Asia 3
INTL-3220 History and Politics of the Middle East 3
INTL-3230 History and Politics of Western Europe 3
INTL-4050 Issues in International Diplomacy 3
INTL-4160 International and Domestic Terrorism 3
INTL-4800 Seminar in International Studies 3
INTL-4980 Independent Study in International Studies 1-3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
At least one course from Biblical and Theological Studies selected from the following:
BEPT-2000 Introduction to Mission 3
BEPT-3450 Contemporary World Missions 3
BEPT-3470 Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
At least one course in English, literature, and modern languages selected from the following:
POLS-3400 Western Literature 3
LIT-3400 Contemporary Studies in World Literature 3
LIT-XXXX Any Non-American Literature Course 3
LING-3080 Linguistics for Language Learning 3

Liberal Arts Core

The faculty of Cedarville, and particularly the faculty of the Department of History and Government believe in the value of the liberal arts core.  We want our graduates to be educated individuals, not just trained employees.  We recognize that both education and training are vital,  and we are convinced that in this day and age college graduates need to know how to learn as much as they need to know how to do a task.  The career experts suggest that graduates of colleges today will change careers 4-5 times in their lifetimes.  Those shifts require a certain set of skills that the liberal arts courses help to develop in our students.