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Criminal Justice Major Sample Four-Year Plan 2016-17

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation3
COM-1100Fundamentals of Speech3
CRJU-1310Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJU-1350Career Planning for Criminal Justice Personnel1
GSS-1100Politics and American Culture3
HUM-1400Introduction to the Humanities3
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life2
Biological Science Elective3.5
LIT-2XXXLiterature Elective3
Physical Science Elective3.5
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature3
BTGE-2740New Testament Literature3
CRJU-2310Juvenile Delinquency3
GSS-3640Qualitative Methodology and Reasoning3
GSS-3650Quantitative Methodology3
POLS-2620American State and Local Government3
Global Awareness Elective3
History Elective3
Humanities Elective3
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-3755Theology I3
BTGE-3765Theology II3
CRJU-3350Criminal Law3
CRJU-3360American Judicial System3
CRJU-3400Criminal Procedure3
CRJU-3700Financial Management3
CRJU-3990Criminal Justice Internship3
Criminal Justice Electives9
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
CRJU-4150Homeland Security3
CRJU-4200Police Administration3
CRJU-4320Criminal Investigation3
CRJU-4900Research Issues in Criminal Justice3

Criminal Justice Electives

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
Homeland Security Electives
CRJU-3500 Foundations of Emergency Management 3
CRJU-3990 Criminal Justice Internship 3-12
CRJU-4160 International and Domestic Terrorism 3
Legal Studies Electives
CRJU-3390 Criminal Evidence 3
CRJU-4500 Comparative Criminal Justice 3
POLS-3760 Jurisprudence 3
POLS-4640 American Constitutional Law: Government Powers and Federalism 3
Local Law Enforcement Electives
BEPT-3510 Introduction to Urban Ministries 3
CRJU-2840 Concepts of Chemical Dependency 3
POLS/PUAD-3600 Public Administration 3

Criminal justice students are expected to complete at least three credit hours of internship as part of their major elective hours. These hours can be obtained through a variety of internship opportunities in the local area including a semester study program through the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in Fairborn, Ohio. The department has partnered with ATIC to provide this opportunity to students at Cedarville.