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International Studies Major Sample Four-Year Plan 2016-17

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
ANTH-1800Cultural Anthropology3
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation3
COM-1100Fundamentals of Speech3
ENG-1400English Composition3
GSS-1100Politics and American Culture3
HUM-1400Introduction to the Humanities3
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life2
Biological Science Elective3.5
LIT-2XXXLiterature Elective3
Physical Science Elective3.5
Quantitative Elective3
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature3
BTGE-2740New Testament Literature3
BTPA-2260World Religions3
COM-2140Intercultural Communication OR3
PYCH-1800Cross-Cultural Psychology3
GSS-3640Qualitative Methodology and Reasoning OR3
GSS-3650Quantitative Methodology3
Elementary Foreign Language requirement0–8
Social Science Electives6
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
BTGE-3755Theology I3
BTGE-3765Theology II3
BUS-3910International Business3
ECON-3350Comparative Economic Systems3
INTL-3190Global Issues3
INTL-3650International Relations3
Intermediate Foreign Language requirement0–7
Course NumberCourse NameCourse Hours
HIST-2010History of Civilization I OR3
HIST-2020History of Civilization II3
INTL-3790Comparative Politics3
INTL-4850Research in International Studies3
Social Science Electives15

International Studies Electives

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
Three or more courses selected from the following:
ECON-3360 International Trade and Economics 3
ECON-3380 Economic Development and Political Economy 3
HIST-3080 History of Russia and Eastern Europe 3
INTL-3200 History and Politics of Latin America 3
INTL-3210 History and Politics of Asia 3
INTL-3220 History and Politics of the Middle East 3
INTL-3230 History and Politics of Western Europe 3
INTL-4050 Diplomacy of the Major Powers 3
INTL-4160 International and Domestic Terrorism 3
INTL-4800 Seminar in International Studies 3
INTL-4980 Independent Study in International Studies 1-3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
At least one course from Biblical and Theological Studies selected from the following:
BTAT-2000 Introduction to Mission 3
BTAT-3450 Contemporary World Missions 3
BTAT-3470 Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
At least one course in English, literature, and modern languages selected from the following:
LIT-2340 Western Literature 3
LIT-3400 Contemporary Studies in World Literature 3
LIT-XXXX Any Non-American Literature Course 3
LING-3080 Linguistics for Language Learning 3