B.A. in Public Administration

The public administration major prepares students to serve others with a vision toward improving the quality of life in their local community, state, or the nation. Public administration is an academic discipline historically developed from the interrelationships between government administration, business administration, and law. The major prepares students for careers in government, nonprofit and business administration, as well as graduate and professional programs in public administration, the social sciences, management, public policy, social work, criminal justice, or law by utilizing courses in political science, business administration, economics, and law. Public administration is also excellent preparation for work in the non-profit sector.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for a Major in Public Administration

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BEGE-1720 Spiritual Formation 3
COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENG-1400 Composition 3
GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture 3
HUM-1400 Introduction to the Humanities 3
PEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life 2
Biological Science Elective 3.5
History Elective 3
LIT-2XXX Literature Elective 3
Physical Science Elective 3.5
Total 30
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ACCT-2110 Principles of Accounting I 3
BEGE-2730 Old Testament Literature 3
BEGE-2740 New Testament Literature 3
BEPH-2250 Ethics 3
ECON-2330 Microeconomics 3
ECON-2340 Macroeconomics 3
POLS-2620 American State and Local Government 3
Global Awareness Elective 3
Electives 9
Total 33
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
BEGE-3755 Theology I 3
BEGE-3765 Theology II 3
ECON-3390 Public Finance 3
GSS-3650 Quantitative Methodology 3
MGMT-3500 Principles of Organization and Management 3
MRKT-3600 Principles of Marketing 3
PUAD-3100 Public Budgeting 3
PUAD-3600 Public Administration 3
PUAD-3690 Public Policy 3
Communication Electivs 3
Elective 2
Total 32
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
POLS-4630 American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Rights 3
PUAD-4800 Applied Public Admininstration 3
Business Elective 6
Public Administration Electives 0-15
Electives 6-21
Total 33

Public Administration Electives

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
MGMT-3530 Human Resources Management 3
MGMT-3550 Organizational Behavior 3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
COM-2000 Persuasive Theory 3
COM-3120 Argumentation 3
COM-3230 Organizational Communication 3
COM-3250 Interviewing 3
Course Number Course Name Course Hours
GSS-4990 Social Science/History Internship 3-12
PUAD-4970 Independent Study in Public Administration 1-3

Liberal Arts Core

The faculty of Cedarville, and particularly the faculty of the Department of History and Government believe in the value of the liberal arts core.  We want our graduates to be educated individuals, not just trained employees.  We recognize that both education and training are vital,  and we are convinced that in this day and age college graduates need to know how to learn as much as they need to know how to do a task.  The career experts suggest that graduates of colleges today will change careers 4-5 times in their lifetimes.  Those shifts require a certain set of skills that the liberal arts courses help to develop in our students.