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Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) instruction leading to a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army is available to Cedarville University students. Freshman- and sophomore-level classes are taught at Cedarville University. Junior- and senior-level classes, as well as drills, are conducted at Central State University, which is located four miles west of Cedarville. All Army ROTC courses are taken through Cedarville University.
The objectives of the Army ROTC program are:

  1. To prepare students to serve as commissioned officers in the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, or the United States Army Reserve.
  2. To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of military art and science.
  3. To provide students with leadership and managerial training, a basic understanding of military professional knowledge, a strong sense of personal integrity, honor, individual responsibility, and an appreciation of the requirements for national security.

The standard four-year ROTC program involves two phases: the basic course during the first two years and the advanced course during the final two years. One can qualify for advance placement by being a veteran, a member of the United States Army Reserve or National Guard, or by attending six weeks of paid summer training following his or her sophomore year of college. Students enrolled in the advanced course earn $250 per month for a maximum of ten school months per year.

Two- and three-year merit scholarships, which pay for tuition, fees, textbooks and supplies are available. Recipients of these scholarships also receive $250 per month for 10 months of the school year each school year the scholarship is in effect. Students interested in pursuing a dual civilian and military career should request information about the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships and Reserve Duty options.

Interested individuals should contact the Professor of Military Science, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio, 45384, phone: 937-376-ARMY or the Cedarville University Admissions Office.

Army ROTC course requirements count as elective credits in the 128 semester hours required for graduation.