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Would you like to study abroad for a semester in Spain while keeping a Christian college focus? If so, the Cedarville University in Spain program is for you.

Here is what you can expect when spending a semester in Spain with Cedarville’s study abroad program:

  • Study abroad at the Institute of Spanish Studies in Valencia. Whether you're a student with little or no Spanish background, this is a great chance to improve language skills, take courses for the Spanish major, or complete the Spanish minor.
  • Experience the culture of everyday Spanish life as you live and interact with your host family and take opportunities to travel Europe on your own or in small groups.
  • Participate in cultural activities and trips to other cities in Spain.
  • Interact with Spanish students through special programs.

The cost for the program is the same as attending Cedarville for a semester. Airfare to Spain is additional. Opportunities for financial aid are the same as for residential students.

Sponsored by Office of International Programs and Department of Language and Literature