Allied Health

A Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for admission into graduate level allied health care provider programs especially physical therapy, physician assistant, and occupational therapy. The allied health major is not necessarily designed to prepare students for the medical profession. Students seeking admission to medical school should consider majoring in the premed program offered in the department of science and mathematics.

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Athletic Training

Cedarville's Athletic Training major qualifies you to work with both amateur and professional athletes in high schools, colleges, and sports medicine clinics. As a recognized allied health profession, a career in athletic training requires a significant level of scientific and medical preparation. You should complete college preparatory courses in biology, chemistry, and advanced biology (or human anatomy and physiology) during your high school experience. Cedarville prepares you for the real world of athletic training with many opportunities for practical experience. The athletic training major is designed to help you pass the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Cedarville students do well on their examination and are in demand by some of the top training facilities in the United States.

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Exercise Science - Bachelor of Science

The exercise science major prepares students for careers in exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, biomechanics, personal fitness services, or as an exercise specialist in corporate or private fitness centers and sports medicine clinics. This program is excellent preparation for graduate or professional schools. Students can also get involved in the campus Health and Fitness Organization.

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Multi-Age Physical Education

The multi-age physical education major prepares students to teach physical education in grades preK-12 in public and Christian schools. Students who complete this curriculum will be licensed by the state of Ohio and the Association of Christian Schools International. The Ohio teaching license, through reciprocal agreements, is automatically recognized in 42 states. For additional information about teaching in other states, see the Education Department section of this catalog. Students can also get involved in the Physical Education Organization -- Phi Epsilon Omega.

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Sport and Exercise Studies

The sport and exercise studies major prepares students for a career in entry-level positions in YMCA, sport ministry organizations, social service agencies, recreation centers, college and university intramural or athletic departments, and other possibilities within the sport industry. This program can be used as preparation for graduate school in such areas as sport psychology, recreational therapy, ergonomics, or motor learning and development. A minor selected with advisor approval is also part of the requirements for this major. Students can also get involved in the Physical Education Organization -- Phi Epsilon Omega.

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The coaching minor prepares students to work as coaches in organized athletic programs at any level. Although formal education is not currently required of coaches, this particular program combines theoretical, scientific, and practical components to provide students with the knowledge and the skills they will need to succeed in this competitive yet rewarding area of service. The course requirements of the coaching minor make it a suitable complement to any major field of study offered by the University.

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Health Promotion

The health promotion minor is a noncertificate area for those students not seeking teaching certification in health education. It is designed to prepare students for health promotion employment opportunities in educational, community, health agency, sport, and leisure settings. It complements the coursework in physical education, athletic training, business, exercise science, or psychology. Students may also qualify to take the Certified Health Education Specialist exam, depending on particular course work chosen.

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Multi-Age Health Education

The multi-age health education minor prepares students to teach health in Christian or public schools in grades preK-12. The Ohio teaching license, through reciprocal agreements, is automatically recognized in 42 states. For additional information about teaching in other states, see the department of education section of the website. Because this program of study is not a major, students interested in health education must select an additional subject area as a major.

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Sport Ministry

The sport ministry minor prepares students to use sport as a medium in a variety of evangelistic and discipleship settings including, but not limited to the following: church recreation programs, summer sports camps, coaching clinics, and cross-cultural international settings. The sport ministry minor is a good compliment to many majors including world missions, youth ministries, sport management, and sport and exercise studies.

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