Course KeyCourse Title
ANTH-1800Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-4940Independent Study in Anthropology
CRJU-1310Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU-2310Juvenile Delinquency
CRJU-2840Concepts of Chemical Dependency
CRJU-3350Criminal Law
CRJU-3390Criminal Evidence
CRJU-3400Criminal Procedure
CRJU-4200Police Administration
CRJU-4960Independent Study in Criminal Justice
GEO-3220History and Politics of the Middle East
GEO-3510World Regional Geography: Western Hemisphere
GEO-3520World Regional Geography: Eastern Hemisphere
GEO-3540History and Politics of Africa
GSS-1000Foundations of Social Science
GSS-3810Clinical Teaching in the Social Sciences
GSS-3820Clinical Teaching in the Social Sciences
HIST-1110United States History I
HIST-1120United States History II
HIST-2010History of Civilization I
HIST-2020History of Civilization II
HIST-3000Introduction to Historiography
HIST-3030History of Christianity: Pre-Reformation
HIST-3110Early American History
HIST-3120History of Recent and Contemporary America
HIST-3130Civil War & Reconstruction
HIST-3220History and Politics of the Middle East
HIST-3540History and Politics of Africa
HIST-3750Social Movements
HIST-4110Interpretation in American History
HIST-4900Independent Study in History
INTL-3220History and Politics of the Middle East
INTL-3540Hist/Politics Africa
INTL-3650International Relations
POLS-2620American State and Local Government
POLS-3100Public Budgeting
POLS-3220History and Politics of the Middle East
POLS-3540Hist/Politics Africa
POLS-3650International Relations
POLS-3690Public Policy
POLS-4700Prelaw Seminar
POLS-4930Independent Study in Political Science
PUAD-3100Public Budgeting
PUAD-3690Public Policy
PUAD-4970Independent Study in Public Administration
SOC-2310Juvenile Delinquency
SOC-2400Marriage and the Family
SOC-2840Concepts of Chemical Dependency
SOC-3340Sociology of Religion
SOC-3750Social Movements
SOC-4910Independent Study in Sociology