Program Requirements


Students planning to pursue a major within the department of kinesiology and allied health are best prepared in high school by taking a college preparatory curriculum. Students planning to pursue a multi-age physical education minor or sport and exercise studies should take biology, Algebra I and II, physical education courses, and anatomy. Those considering majors in exercise science should take biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses at least through Algebra II. Business courses such as accounting and economics are good preparation for students considering a major in sport management.


Once students declare a major within the department of kinesiology and allied health, they are expected to maintain a high level of personal physical fitness. A semiannual 1.5 mile run is used to evaluate the status of the student's fitness.

The multi-age physical education and sport and exercise studies majors have courses in their respective curricula that have motor skill performance proficiencies. While meeting the proficiency standards is not required to receive a passing grade in all classes, satisfactory completion of all of the proficiencies is a degree requirement.

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