Exercise Science (B.A.) Major Requirements

(64-67 credit hours)

Course No. Course Title Hours
Core Exercise Science (B.A.) Requirements (64-67 credit hours)
ESS-1350 Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science 2
ESS-1400 First Aid and Safety Education 2
ESS-1550 Athletic Training Essentials 2
ESS-2380 Motor Learning and Development 3
ESS-3800 Sport Psychology 2
ESS-3890 Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Physical Educator 5
ESS-3900 Physiology of Exercise 3
ESS-3920 Biomechanics 2
ESS-3940 Structural Kinesiology 3
ESS-4600 Research in Athletic Training and Exercise Science 2
ESS-4900 Physical Education Senior Seminar 1
EXSC-2000 Worksite Observation 0
EXSC-3000 Exercise Science Practicum (1 hour each) 2
EXSC-3180 Legal Issues in the Sport Industry 3
EXSC-3860 Basic Exercise Testing 3
EXSC-3870 Basic Exercise Prescription 3
EXSC-4810 Organization and Administration of Exercise Science 3
EXSC-4880 Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations 3
EXSC-4990 Internship in Exercise Science* 9-12
GMTH-1020 College Algebra 3
MAHE-1000 Introduction to the Health Profession 1
MAHE-3030 Nutrition for Health and Weight Control 2
MAHE-3100 Drug Education 3
PEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life 1

*Capstone Course