Sport and Exercise Studies Major Requirements

(55-62 credit hours)

Course No. Course Title Hours
Sport and Exercise Studies Core Requirements (27)
ESS-1350 Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science 2
ESS-1400 First Aid and Safety Education 2
ESS-2100 Leadership and Ethics in Sport 3
ESS-2380 Motor Learning and Development 3
ESS-3890 Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Physical Educator 5
MAPE-1210 Team Sports 2
MAPE-2200 Individual and Dual Sports I 2
MAPE-2210 Individual and Dual Sports II 2
PEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life 2
SMGT-2100 Sport in Society 3
One Physical Education course selected from (1)
PEAE-XXXX Activity Elective 1
PEAL-XXXX Leisure Elective 1
PEAR-XXXX Rhythmics Elective 1
PEAS-XXXX Tumbling or Swimming 1
3000 or 4000-Level Kinesiology adn Allied Health Electives;
a minimum of four courses, excluding independent study or internship courses selected from (10-14)
CCHG-3670 Fundamentals of Coaching 3
CCHG-3680 Scientific Basis of Coaching 2
CCHG-37XX Coaching Course 2
ESS-3800 Sport Psychology 3
ESS-3900 Exercise Physiology 3
ESS-3920 Biomechanics 3
EXSC-3860 Basic Exercise Testing 4
EXSC-3870 Basic Exercise Prescription 4
MAHE-3030 Nutrition 3
MAHE-3070 Current Issues in Health 1
MAHE-3100 Drug Education 3
SMGT-3180 Legal Issues in the Sport Industry 3
SMGT-3200 Facility Design and Management 3
SMGT-3300 Event Planning and Production 3
SMGT-4100 Marketing and Promotions in the Sport Industry 3
SMGT-4200 Financing Sport Operations 3
*SES-4990 Internship in Sport and Exercise Studies or  
SES-4995 Senior Research Project in Sport and Exercise Studies 3-6
  Minor Requirements (approval of department Chair) 15

* Capstone Course