Quick Facts

Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Within Kinesiology and Allied Health

The wide gamut of programs offered by the kinesiology and allied health department cover everything from athletic trainer to sport management to physical education teacher, and even research in exercise science.

The Athletic Training Major

A recognized allied health profession, Cedarville's athletic training program is one of the few in the United States that will train you from a biblical perspective. We also have five full-time ATs in the department.

Integration of Scripture

We believe balancing scripture throughout your coursework is key to a strong program. Using your skills as an outlet to share Christ with others is a driving force behind Cedarville's kinesiology and allied health programs.

Excellent Facilities

Cedarville's state-of-the-art facilities, labs and equipment, both indoor and outdoor, are second-to-none, offering the latest in technology.

Practical Experience

As a Cedarville student, you will have numerous opportunities to work and minister, from helping to build a local school's exercise program to using your skills to teach young people overseas about basketball and the Bible.

Guide Toward Success

Nothing ranks higher than seeing our students succeed. By that, we mean helping you find God's call on your life and then pursue it to the best of your ability. We not only guide you in the courses you need to take, but in how to achieve your personal objectives.

Diverse Faculty

Many of the department's faculty have been at Cedarville for years and offer plenty of experience to their students. In addition, many of the school's head coaches are also faculty members, meaning you will be taught by some of the best people in their fields who put their theories into practice on a regular basis.

Student Satisfaction

Cedarville University students are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Cedarville experience. According to a recent national survey, our students ranked Cedarville University #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more.

Christ-Centered Academics

Like all of Cedarville's programs, the kinesiology and allied health department approaches its coursework through a Christian worldview. You'll find inspiring daily chapels, a focused but fun student life, the one-of-a-kind required Bible minor, and numerous ministry opportunities to complement your education.

Ready for the Future

Cedarville seniors are required to do a research paper or project, so they are well-prepared for graduate school. Our graduates are eligible to get their master's in areas like physical therapy, exercise physiology, or sport management. And they go to work in industries such as cardiac rehabilitation, sport medicine or intercollegiate and professional athletics.