Athletic training requires a significant level of scientific and clinical preparation. Prospective athletic training students are encouraged to take college preparatory courses in high school, including biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced math. An ACT composite score of 24 (or SAT composite of 1100) or higher is highly recommended.

Typically, the student who is interested in athletic training as a potential career has a history of being involved in athletics personally and may even wish to pursue participating in athletics at the collegiate level. Students need to be aware that the (ATEP) depends on the varsity athletic program at Cedarville as well as high schools, colleges, and clinics in the community to provide the primary “laboratory” experiences for the clinical education component of the program. Therefore, attempting to participate in varsity athletics while simultaneously pursuing the athletic training major may prove to be a significant conflict of interest.

Students are, however, expected to model appropriate stewardship of their physical bodies by being involved in a consistent program of regular exercise and activity. A biannual one and a half-mile run is used to evaluate the status of the student’s fitness.


Once students declare a major within the Department of Kinesiology and Allied Health, they are expected to maintain a level of personal physical fitness which demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and biblical stewardship. A mandatory semi-annual cardiovascular fitness assessment is used to evaluate the status of the student’s fitness.

Multi-age physical education and sport and exercise studies majors have courses in their respective curricula that have motor skill performance proficiencies. While meeting the proficiency standards is not required to receive a passing grade in all classes, satisfactory completion of all of the proficiencies is a degree requirement. See page 76 for the School of Education admission and retention requirements for multi-age physical education and multi-age health education.