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Accessing Materials in the Archives


  • The Cedarville University Archives is available to all Cedarville University students, faculty, staff, alumni, Library courtesy card holders, and visiting scholars who wish to conduct research on or review items in the archival holdings.
  • Due to the nature of the archival collection, the Archives is a closed stacks area, and patrons may not have direct access unless accompanied by the University Archivist.
  • Access to the archives is generally available from 8:00 to noon and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Should approved staff not be available, access to materials in the Archives can be requested through the completion of a Research Request Form available at the Reference or Circulation Desks. The form will be transferred to Archives personnel who will make every attempt to fulfill the request within 24 hours or to make arrangements to meet with the requesting patron no later than the next working day.
  • Items cannot be removed from the University Archives reading room unless special arrangements have been made (See Loans below).


  • The administration of the University determines, through the approval of the Cedarville University Archives Program, the policies for and access to all materials held in the Archives.
  • Personal papers are subject to restrictions established by the donor.
  • Official University archival records will normally remain closed to those outside the office of origin for a period of twenty years from the date of their creation, unless the office of origin has designated a shorter or longer period of time, or unless the materials have been distributed broadly and are therefore items of public record.
  • Other records may be restricted for more than twenty years if so agreed by the office of origin, administration, and University Archivist.
    • Consideration will be given for access by others when a written request is presented to the administration and written approval has been obtained from the appropriate person in the office of origin.
    • In the case of an office which has been closed, approval must be obtained from the department head or divisional vice president responsible for the function performed by the office of origin.
  • Unless specific items have been designated otherwise by the administration or office of origin, it can normally be assumed that access to print and non-print materials which have been distributed broadly, which are items of public record, or for which donors have established their own access rules, can be granted to the researcher without further approval from the administration or the office of origin.


Photocopying of materials from the Archives will be at the discretion of the University Archivist to assure compliance with copyright law, the wishes of donors, and to prevent possible damage to certain fragile items. All photocopying, when permitted, will generally be completed by a member of the Library staff. If materials are loaned to a patron, photocopying off-site is not permitted.


Items housed in the University Archives do not circulate under normal circumstances. However, when warranted by special needs or circumstances, the University Archivist may grant permission to circulate specific items. The materials to be borrowed and the length of the loan are subject to the approval of the University Archivist.

The University Archivist reserves the right to deny loans based upon the archival value of items or by stipulation of the donor. The loan of any materials will be determined on an individual item basis. In the case of printed materials, photocopies will be made at cost whenever possible. Each loan will be accompanied by a Materials Loan Request form detailing the exact materials on loan, why they are being loaned, what individual, department, or group is using them, and the name of the person responsible for their safe return. Patrons must sign the Materials Loan Request form before the materials may be removed from the Archives.

University Publications

Copies of most University publications and yearbooks are available in the Centennial Library collection. Access to the University Archives for these types of materials should be necessary only on rare occasions.