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Founders Hall - First Day 1895

In 1895, Founders Hall was the first building constructed on the new Cedarville College site, which occupied about 12 acres. After being chartered by the State of Ohio in 1887, the College finally opened its first academic year in the fall of 1894 with classes held in rented facilities. During that academic year, what is today called Founders Hall and at that time was the only college building, was completed. There were no other buildings until 1902, when Alford Gymnasium, a converted church building and now Alford Auditorium, was donated to the College. Founders Hall was officially opened for use in the fall of 1895, though all the construction details were not completed until December. The exact cost of the building was never known because some of the materials and labor was donated. But the cost of constructing and furnishing the building according to the Trustee minutes of the day was below $14,000.

Founders - First Day 1895