Course KeyCourse Title
JOUR-1000Intro to Media Writing
JOUR-2000Intro to Reporting
JOUR-2500Introduction to Public Relations
JOUR-3100Media Law
JOUR-3150Media Ethics
JOUR-3310Advanced Newswriting and Reporting for Broadcasting
JOUR-3320Advanced Newswriting & Reporting for Print
JOUR-3350Television News Production
JOUR-3420Editing and Design
JOUR-3500Public Relations Principles and Writing
JOUR-3600Computer-Assisted Reporting
JOUR-3605Writing and Design for Web and Mobile Media
JOUR-3650Networked Audience
JOUR-3900Practicum in Journalism
JOUR-4500Public Relations Campaigns
JOUR-4550Practicum in Public Relations
JOUR-4620Investigative Reporting
JOUR-4650Desiging Solutions for New Audiences
JOUR-4810Special Topics in Journalism
JOUR-4820Special Topics in Public Relations