Course KeyCourse Title
THTR-1230Voice for the Performer
THTR-1410Introduction to Theatre
THTR-1420Introduction to Technical Theatre
THTR-1430Stage Movement
THTR-1440Stagecraft I
THTR-1450Stagecraft II
THTR-1460Theatre Participation
THTR-1480Play Production
THTR-2130Dramatic Literature
THTR-2200Introduction to Design
THTR-2350Directing I
THTR-2410Adv Performance Techniques
THTR-2430Acting I
THTR-2440Stagecraft III
THTR-2460Costume Design
THTR-2470Makeup Design
THTR-2510The Arts and Social Change
THTR-3420Theatre History I
THTR-3430Theatre History II
THTR-3440Stage Costume History
THTR-3450Stagecraft IV
THTR-3460Acting II
THTR-3490Stage Lighting Design
THTR-3510Directing II
THTR-3520Scenic Painting
THTR-3530Techniques of American Musical Theatre
THTR-3610Theatre for Young People
THTR-3850Seminar in Arts Administration and Arts Law
THTR-4400Professional Preparation Seminar
THTR-4500Scenic Design
THTR-4630The Christian in Theatre
THTR-4640Special Topics
THTR-4750Independent Study-Theatre
THTR-4840Senior Theatre Project