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Student Playing the Flute at Cedarville University Veteran's Day Chapel

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Music and Worship

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Nov 11 2008
Symphonic Band and Choral Concert
Cedarville, Ohio—With fall underway and students of all ages well into the school year, you can almost feel a hint of winter... continue »

Nov 6 2008
Brass Choir to Present Concert
Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University’s Brass Choir combines the elegance of classical music with the modernity of... continue »

Nov 6 2008
Piano Master to Perform at Cedarville University
Cedarville, Ohio—“Music and Society” is the theme that accomplished pianist Dr. Jennifer Cruz aims to explore at... continue »

Oct 23 2008
They Like the Music, But Is Russia Ready for ... the Tango?
This past summer, Cedarville University music professor Dr. John Mortensen introduced the city of Eisk, Russia, to the Argentinean... continue »

Sep 30 2008
Cedarville Offers New Majors and Minors
How do you know the college you’re thinking about attending is relevant and progressive? Look for signs of growth. Take... continue »

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