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Rekindle Worship Band

Student Playing the Flute at Cedarville University Veteran's Day Chapel

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About Rekindle

Rekindle represents the worship program of the Department of Music and Worship at Cedarville University. It is led by young ladies studying worship and they serve the body of Christ primarily at regional women's events, in local churches and on international mission trips. Rekindle's worship services are scripture based, musically excellent, and infused with congregational songs for the Church.

Rekindle is a verb meaning "relight (a fire)" or to "revive (something that has been lost)." Just as David cried out for God to "revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you (Psalm 85:6)," so too Rekindle seeks to lead the people of God to cry out for that revival spirit to return to the Church.

Rekindle Media

Rekindle Blue

ReKindle Blue 2015 

Left to Right – Laura Issacs, Laura Skaggs, Megan Newsted, Brittney Mitchell, Emily Hernandez

Rekindle Gold

ReKindle Gold 2015 

Left to Right – Melissa Martin, Michaela Wade, Catherine Milliron, Bree Trapp, Wren June

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