Worship Auditions

Program application is required for all prospective worship students before admission into the worship program. The purpose of the audition is to evaluate your potential success as a worship student and whether you will be admitted to the department to pursue a worship degree.


Students who wish to audition must fulfill the following requirements prior to the audition:

  • Completed junior year of high school
  • Submitted admissions application to Cedarville University
  • Declared worship as their major
  • Intending to complete the worship degree at Cedarville


The application process consists of four components: essay, personal interview, music audition, and personal recommendations. All four components must be completed before your admission is approved.


The essay is to be 2-3 typed double-spaced pages (approximately 500-750 words) that will help us get to know you and let us see a sample of your writing. The topics that you should address are: Why are you interested in studying worship? Why Cedarville? What are your career goals at this point in your life? What ministry experiences have you had? Your essay must be uploaded with your worship audition application.

Personal Interview

The personal interview is designed to help us get to know you better and to be able to interact with you personally. The interview can be part of your on-campus music audition. You should be nicely dressed and be ready to interact with faculty regarding your essay.

Music Audition

All worship students will ultimately need to be proficient in voice and either piano or guitar. To help evaluate your strengths and abilities, you will sing and play either piano or guitar as part of your audition. You should prepare two selections on your strongest performance area and one short selection on the other. You will also be asked to sight-read vocally and instrumentally.


You are required to be recommended by two individuals that are able to assess you based on your musical abilities, ministry experience, and spiritual maturity. Suggested references include pastor, worship leader, youth pastor, or music teacher. Applications can be downloaded below and mailed to us.

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