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The Nursing Major at Cedarville is a four-year program that leads toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree. The School of Nursing seeks to produce graduates who demonstrate mastery in four primary areas: godly living, care, culture, and information management. Graduates deliver care based on knowledge from the Bible, the art and science of nursing, the biological and behavioral sciences and the humanities.

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Cross-Cultural Nursing

The Cross-Cultural Nursing Minor is designed to produce graduates who are prepared to work with cross-cultural populations on mission fields within the United States and in other countries. The minor requires a minimum of an additional 16 credit hours of study.

Course Hours
BEPH-2260 World Religions 3
One course selected from
ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology 3
BEPT-3470 Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
PYCH-1800 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
One course selected from
BEPT-2000 Introduction to Missions 3
BEPT-2400 Personal Evangelism. 3
BEPT-3410 Discipleship 3
BEPT-3450 Contemporary World Missions 3
BEPT-3510 Introduction to Urban Ministry 3
NSG-2200 Cross-Cultural Interactions 1
*NSG-4200 Culture and Health 3
Credits selected from
NSG-3200 Cross-Cultural Nursing Internship 1–3
NSG-4800 Independent Study 1–2

*Crosslisted as an honor's seminar.

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