Which courses can I take?

This course list shows classes Cedarville currently offers online. You may view the courses by department and special programs.

NOTE: These courses are not all offered every semester. View course offerings and availability by visiting the undergraduategraduate, or dual enrollment schedules for the desired semester.

Code Title
ECS-6550 Special Topics in Curriculum: Bioethics for Educators
ECS-6550 Special Topics in Curriculum: Abstinence - coming soon!
ECS-7000 Curriculum Theory: Analysis & Design
ECS-7100 Curriculum Theory: Implementation & Evaluation - coming soon!
EDU-6000 Learning Theory
EDU-6100 History & Philosophy of Education
EDU-6150 Diversity & Social Issues in Education
EDU-6250 Statistical Reasoning in Education
EDU-6300 Program & Outcome Assessment
EDU-6400 Intervention Strategies & Techniques
EDU-7200 Research Design